Kingscliff Design.

Kingscliff Design

This is a design for Kingscliff Design Tafe. I never ended up using it as it was a bit too out of the brief. Mainly was just part of a self-improvement assignment for myself.

NOT MY WORK! Famous Euro Mega Artist – BLU

Something very worthwhile to watch for people with a love for street art / art / animation or just all round love for someone that would put all they can and a lot of effort into something they do. Old work, most likely posted in 20,000 other blogs. I know, I know…

Think Ink Print Poster

A poster design for a Offset Lithography Printing Company. The logo Think Ink Printing Company was also a new creation to let the printing company gain a more modern visual identity in the world of advertising. The poster was designed for the purpose of a marketing ploy for the company to send to existing and possible clients.


The Lovecats.

The Lovecats.

A water colour painting inspired by The Cure.




Cover Design for TAFEworks.

Heart & Halo Flyer Follow-Up

The brief was to create a second flyer, this time focusing on the restaurants qualities and menu. It was to be sized to A5 and eye-catching, keeping in with the prior visual identity I had created and very legible. Without going too much into that this is how it came out.





Depressive Realism.

“In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

— Bertrand Russell